Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack


The new Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack just looks amazing!!!

Seriously for looks alone I would give it ****** out of 6 stars!

Unfortunately looks aren’t everything – if you have to live with someone every day and enjoy their company they also have to preform well 😉

I have the Strawberry version which is for dry skin – and it is really moisturizing but it doesn’t last very long on the skin for being a sleeping mask. I think mine was gone after 15 min or so. It does give moisture but right now I would wish I had chosen the Black Tea for elasticity.

Also the cute packaging is not very smart structure wise or very hygienic so for now it will just sit on my shelf and look pretty which is not what a longtime relationship should be like 😉

A little from Etude House on how to use the mask – which is what I did:

How to use.jpg

You take a spoonful of sleeping mask – and get one of the “pearls” which you squeeze with the spoon and then put on your lovely face…

This makes the mask more moisturizing because the pearls contains nurturing ingredients  however it also makes the mask impossible to keep from getting tons of germs in it because they are at the bottom and you get so much goo on the spoon while getting one of the pearls up from the mask… or maybe that is just me?! 🙂

Performance wise I would give this sleeping mask ** out of 6 but I might still grab the Black Tea – that is how much I love cute packaging 😛 I really miss good Bubble Tea!!!


Juicy Shakers from Lancôme

I have to admit I thought I wouldn’t like them because they seemed like a rip-off from YSL Oil-in-tint but I really like the three versions I have of this new trend.



Lemon Explosion – so pretty and fresh!

Wonder Melon.jpg

Wonder Melon – so fab on summer lips!


Mint to be II.jpg


Mint to be – goes sheer and with a hint of shimmer on the lips + gives fresh breath!




Very easy to apply – just shake them up and apply to the lips! Would love them all but settled for those three so far 🙂 ***** out of 6 stars!



Seatree Art Eye shadow palette in Brown.

A few weeks ago I got the Seatree Art eye shadow palette. I have to admit I bought it only because it looks so cute!!!

Blog I.jpg

My expectations were zero because I have had so mixed experiences with Korean eye shadows and I have mixed emotions about this palette too.

Blog III.jpg

I love the way it looks! And the eye shadows are very soft and buttery. When you swatch it you think that it will be powdery and full of fallout but when you put it on your skin it turns to silk. I would love this eye shadow if the colors were not practically invisible on my skin except for the few dark colors!


Blog II.jpg

They blend very well and are fine as an every day shadow but as you can see from the swatch picture they pretty much match my skin so they could be used as a highlighter instead…

*** out of 6 stars


My Juicy Bottle Mask, Vita Ampoule Juice

Every time I get the Korea Box with really fantastic snacks they always send the sweetest letter and a tiny present because I was their first costumer. That is just how they are. A few months back I received My Juicy Bottle Mask from Scinic which is a brand I actually really love. So that was a match made in heaven 🙂

My juicy mask.png

They have a really handy packaging and makes the skin soft and moist. I got the orange Vita Ampoule Mask and I am really considering getting more. I love it 🙂

I’ll give it **** out of 6 stars and I am a bit hard with my stars 😉

Just cleanse your face and put the mask on for 10 – 20 min and then your skin will look refreshed and lovely.


I really recommend trying out Korea Box! You can get Snack boxes, Beauty Boxes and a very fun Korean K-Pop Fan box. Please check out their webpage. I am only a happy customer and do not have any part of the company at all but the owner is just always so friendly and listen to the feedback of the boxes which is a super +++


Eye Color Palette, Aubergine Dream

I’ve had this Eye Color Palette from H&M for quite a while now but I have not really used it before. I have so many palettes, so it was hiding at the back of my drawer. I was not expecting much since I have had really bad luck with H&M makeup but that was before they launched their new stuff for what now seems forever ago. I really love their lipsticks and also the packaging. I actually run around with them in my bag and have totally forgotten to use my YSL and Dior lippies since I got them. That is how good they are.


The palette is called Aubergine Dream and it is filled with different shades of Aubergine colors. I really like the mix of mat and shimmery shades. I have to admit that the glitter shades swatches better as with a lot of cheaper eye shadows. But in general I like the quality. They blend really well and if you spray with UD All Nighter Settingspray then they will last all day or night.

Swatches II.jpg

On the picture they look very brownish but that is because my camera is really bad sorry 🙂

I give this palette **** out of 6 stars! I really like it for the price!


Rituals…Tao Yin


I have to admit that I am totally in love with this!!! The smell is just beautiful and so feminine.

I love the bath gel that turns into foam. A little goes such a long way! I also love the Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Calming bed and body mist.

Body and bed

If you are busy and a bit stressed this Christmas the answer is simple.


This relaxing serum from Rituals with Chinese Mint and Yi Yi Ren is amazing if you put it on where your pulse is…  Wrists, neck and behind your knee for instance. Just keep it in your purse and use it on the job and everywhere you feel you need it. It is also a very caring Christmas gift for someone you love!!!

I give Rituals in this version a big ****** out of 6 stars! And that almost never happen… 🙂



November Christmas Giveaway!

2015 Giveaway Blog Hop
Welcome to the “All I Want For Xmas Is Asian Beauty” Giveaway Blog Hop!
This giveaway was arranged by a lot sweet bloggers together and you can visit every one of them to win cute stuff all the way to the 1st of December.
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Giveaway II
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