LuLuLun Precious Red Sheet masks

I have started to really love these LuLuLun Sheet masks. I especially love the packages that comes with 7 in them. It is a great amount for us that use sheet masks often or perhaps even daily. The larger packs with 20 or 30 in them I find dries out too much and also I am worried with con termination and germs if I have them open too long!

This new kind is so beautiful! The packaging is lovely and there is just enough essence to moisture your skin. I know some people find them a bit too dry but I like having them on for only 10 min and then feeling great afterwards. I actually don’t like to supersoak my face in serum even though I know that is why so many love My Beauty Diary and My Sceaming Diary 😉


This japanese serum seems to be a bit more intense for my skin and make it very soft which I love 🙂
The mask itself is soft and thin!
I love the zipper bag that you can reseal.


You have to use up the pack in about 2 – 3 weeks. If you take over a month to use the masks up I always start to worry about them getting too old!

If you travel with these you have to use the same mask all the time and it might be more fun to have singles!

But all in all I would give these mask sheets *** out of 6 stars! But please understand that I am very picky and have tried way too many sheet masks… 😉


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