January blues ;)

After the happy December comes dark, wet and cold January. It has been up to minus 18 degrees here and I know I should not even complain compared to other parts of Norway!

But what do you do when it is so cold and your skin feels like it is cracking and your face is red?!? I have very dry skin in the winter but it is not nearly as bad as it has been before and thus I will share some of my secrets to maintaining a healthy look during the wintertime with you šŸ™‚

A. Always use a skin toner or a moisture tonic right after you step out of the shower! Don’t just spray it on your face but preferably all over the body except certain intimate areas of course.

Fresh face water.jpg

This is L’Occitane but you can also use a Korean or Japanese one of course. At the moment I am using this on my body and Sulwhasoo timetreasure Perfecting Water on my face!


B. Use really good face masks every week. I use a Sheet mask 2 times a week, a hydro-gel mask one time a week, a clay mask and a peel one or two times a week followed by a moisture mask depending on how dry my skin is.

My favorite moisture mask at the moment is Glam Glow’s Thirstymud – I use it both as a mask and as a sleeping mask sometimes if my skin is really dry. You do not need to take it off before it’s morning – you can sleep with it all night.



C. Never leave your house without a thick cream on that preferably is not water based. If you use a water based cream then wait 30 min before you go out!
Use a lot of makeup – not so it looks cakey of course but makeup protects your skin so on with your primer, cushion or foundation on top of the cream… šŸ˜‰

D. Always run to the bathroom and take off the makeup when you get home after being in very cold weather. Cleanse and put on a mask or thick layer of lotion and relax in front of the telly, the computer or read a book for 20 – 40 min. Saves my skin all the time… A thick layer of cream on the cheeks and chin with a hydro-gel eye mask is the best for me. At the moment I use Glam Rock from Too Cool For School.

Glam rock.jpg

Do you have any winter tips?! Please share them with me! And I wish you all a great January without any skin blues…




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