Last minute Christmas presents for her!!!

Twisted peppermint candle.jpg

A scented candle is always a perfect Christmas Present for most women. If you know them well enough to pick out a scent that they love. This candle is from B & Bw but there are also many popular brands here in Europe depending on which Country you are from. If you wish to buy luxurious candles it is also possible. You can get very fancy scented candles in most stores these days.

If you need a little hostess present or just a small gift for putting on the tree – Molton Brown makes the cutest small Limited Edition Christmas ornaments with their famous bubbles.
Pink pepperpod.jpg

They are really popular – this is Pink Pepperpod one of my favourite scents!


You can also find bigger gift boxes by Molton Brown if you wish to impress a lovely lady for Christmas with some Body care.

A perfume is also a wonderful gift. At the moment there are so many wonderful scents. BVLGARI Amathyste is one of my favourites.


Omnia Amethyste.jpg


Warm socks are also a perfect gift for Christmas. If you can not knit you can fortunately enough buy them πŸ˜‰ These are a bit expensive from EKA.




2 thoughts on “Last minute Christmas presents for her!!!

  1. Hey a candle!! πŸ˜‰ indeed great idea for a gift πŸ˜‰ I saw this BVLGARI perfume when I was shopping and I totally got frustrated because I didn’t know how to spray it xD the lady had to help me… very shameful haha

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