Korea Box K-Snack Box, regular size

I just received my October 2015 Korea Box, regular size.

I really enjoy getting this box. It is so much fun. This time I am doing a very quick review of the box and the snacks but I am so happy for receiving it and I totally love how personal and fun the owner of Korea Box makes the experience!

I got a long, personal letter and I have to admit that I really appreciate this sweet gesture. I also got a gift with a bookmark and a key chain which is adorable 🙂

Korea box October 2015

The box contains:

Matdongsan, Sweet nutty snack

Kook-hee, Peanut cookies

Saecom-dalcom: Sweet and sour chewing candy – the pink and purple tiny things in the middle

Oh, yes! Coco pie with greek yoghurt inside

Shin-jjol-i: Chewing jelly – which I have already eaten! It was fantastic!

Zec sand Yuja – Citrus Yuzu in Japanese biscuit

Oh! Garnja: Honey milk potato sticks

I totally love this box and will be getting the next box as usual 🙂 Thank you to Korea Box! If you would love to receive a box please go to the link – they also have K-pop boxes and Korean Cosmetics!!! 🙂

I should state that I have no personal interest in Korea Box and are only a happy customer! I do not get payed or receive things for this review. The box is purchased with my own money and I pay for it so it is my 100 % personal view about the box that is stated. Have a fantastic day! 🙂


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