When I swapped with Quita Cations from New Zealand she send me a couple of these CEL-DERMA T-laser Hydrogel Masks. She said that they were some of her favorite masks and that she thought I would like them so I was very curious to put one on tonight and see if she was right.

Cel Derma II

Of course I washed my face and double cleansed before opening this mask and taking it on. It is a typical Hydro-gel mask in two parts who covers your face. You have to remove both a clear plastic and a white plastic layer and then put the mask on and it is quite simple. The mask is good quality so it doesn’t tear easily.

I really enjoyed this mask. I left it on for 40 minutes and that was fine. It doesn’t contain a lot of serum but it moisturize and keeps your skin cool. As to the whitening and anti-ageing I will probably have to use the other two before I can say something but my skin feels really soft and nice.

I give this mask **** out of 6 stars! I would have given 5 stars but I don’t think they are easily accessible here in Norway and they are quite expensive on Ebay! Because of availability I am giving them 4 stars out of 6 🙂


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