Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado!

This is one of my go to favorite eye products. I know I always advertise Asian Skincare but if you have trouble finding them anywhere near you – and you have normal to extremely dry skin I would totally recommend this eye cream for you! Especially during the winter months it’s a total knockout.


The first time I put this baby on I thought I would totally hate it. It’s so greasy and you feel like you just put vaseline around your eyes but then I discovered the secret to using this eye cream.

A. It is VERY important that you use a spoon to take out a tiny amount so you don’t contaminate the eye cream. Because it is in a jar and that is not very sanitary.

B. Take a tiny amount between your ring fingers and rub it for a few seconds before you apply the cream to your under eye area and your upper eye area. This breaks down the texture of the cream and helps it to absorb quicker into the skin so you do not get the same greasy feeling as I did the first time I used it.

C. Massage your fingers from the nose to the outer eye area a few times to help it absorb even more.

I really love this eye cream when I use it like written above. If it is a very cold winter I also use the cream around my mouth to prevent any pre-wrinkles that might occur because of lack of moisture.

I give this Creamy Eye Treatment ***** out of 6 stars!

In Norway it’s 205,- kroner for the small version and 385,- kroner for the large one. I would get the small as you only need a very tiny amount every time and the big jar will last you so long that I would worry about hygiene! 😉


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