First non-skincare and makeup post! Korea box – snack edition!

I have to admit I love subscription boxes! And this one is especially fun for me because I am adopted from Korea – but I have never been to Korea other than when I was a baby so I don’t know much about the country. That is why it was strange when I discovered Korean skincare did so much better for my skin than most western skincare – but then I got very curious about the food?!

How does Korean food and snacks taste? When I saw that Korea Box started with a subscription service for Korean candy and snacks I had to try it out.

I got the first edition and was very happy about it but since this is a skincare and makeup blog, I did not post it here. But now some of my readers have told me that they are curious about it so I will post this September Edition. If you only like skincare and makeup please just feel free to skip this post or go to their webpage and check out their Skincare box! 😉

Korea box September
The brown and red box itself is not so big but don’t worry it is always stuffed and I get very surprised how much is in it when I open it. It has a lot of great snacks and a good variety of things.

This is everything that came in the box! Remember that I have the SMALL version of the snack box! I really am wondering what will come in the big one 😉

Korea box September II

As always there is a folder with a small description of the snacks that are in the box. And the cute owner of Korea Box also includes a handwritten note which is sooo sweet and personal – and I am afraid I will never stop this subscription unless it’s because I am upgrading to the bigger box or the skincare one but that might cause me custom problems because the value gets too high?!  🙂

This box contains:
A whole pack of Saltine crackers.

Korea box September 3

Chewy natural rich grape jelly.

Korea box September 5

Sweet nutty snack bag.

Korea box September 7

Sugar free candies.

Korea box September 6

Soft balls with Camembert cheese inside.

Korea box September 4

Soft creamy butter crackers.

Small bag with Soft Cheese crackers.

And a Greek Yogurt waffer summer edition.

Korea box September 8

I love it all!

I might have wished for more candy and less crackers but that’s just me. Everything is fun and exciting and I know that candy weighs more than snacks. But even a tiny bag of candy would have been more fun than the saltine crackers for instance. We all love salty crackers I bet but they are in every country – just in different versions 🙂 The Soft Camembert cheese balls and the nutty snacks are very fun to try because we don’t have anything like that here.

I really want to rate this Korea Box, snack edition ***** out of 6 stars! And if they had more candy in I would rate them a 6 out of 6 🙂 I don’t mind paying extra shipping either if they decide to make a Candy box!

Hope you enjoyed this little rant – if you have any questions or want to comment please do so and I will reply as soon as possible! 🙂


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