(Non Asian) Lip products that I love!

The first lip product I found that I can’t and wont live without was when I was on holiday in New York in 1995, so that is quite a long time ago. It was the CoBigelow nr. 502 Mentha Lip shine. I bought it in Bath and Body Works and it totally changed my life. Fresh breath and shiny lips were suddenly a possibility in one swipe 😉

Mentha lip shine

CoBigelow Mentha Lip Shine Nr. 502

***** out of 6 stars!

I stil love this lip product and they do carry it in certain stores here in Europe. I haven’t seen any CoBigelow products in Norway though. Sweden and Denmark yes but not here…

A little time after that I found CoBigelow Lemon Lip balm Nr. 1421 which is better than any other lip balm in a tube that I have tried. I also love the fresh lemon scent.

Co bigelow lemon

CoBigelow Lemon Lip Balm, Nr. 1421

***** out of 6 stars!

The Balm has some amazing lip products. My favorite is The BalmShelter tintet glosses even though they claim it’s a gloss I would call it a balm because they are so moisturizing and protect the lips perfectly!

Honestly that’s my perfect lip product! And I have tried almost everything there is to try…


I actually own most of the colors and I love the natural / clear glosses. They don’t give much color I will admit that but that is also what I love about them – that they are like tinted balms and blend in perfectly with your natural face. You can use them whenever you feel like it!

BalmShelter gets a wooping ****** out of 6 stars!

I can not make a post without mentioning my favourite YSL Volupté Oil in Tint. I have a review up on this and I must admit that even though I only give it ***** out of 6 stars I stil love it. The only thing I don’t love is that it sometimes leeks in the purse if you are not careful and then the price of course. I love the smell and the luxurious packaging.

YSL Oil in tint

While we are talking about some more expensive products. I love Sisley Nutritive lip balm. I know it’s expensive for such a tiny jar, but if nothing else works on my lips this always fixes them. Put on a thick layer before bed and your lips are much better the next day!


All the ingredient “crazy” lip lovers might say that the ingredients aren’t that different from cheaper versions but I have tried most and it is not the same for me 🙂 Silly me perhaps but this is just one of those products that I swear by.

***** out of 6 stars!

Another product that I discovered is much less expensive. That is the Victoria Secret Smooth Kiss Glossy lip Butter.

I have to admit that I first didn’t like that it comes in a jar – I always feel that’s less hygienic. But once you get over that it’s a very good lip product.

Smooth kiss A

Smooth Kiss B

It can feel a bit sticky but not Lancôme Juicy Tubes sticky though! More that it greases your lips so you have moisture for a while – hence the lip butter name 😉 **** out of 6 stars!

Last but not least I love MUA lip products and now you can really talk about cheap prices. They go from £1 so that can’t be too much even for a student!

MUA hot lips

MUA Lip balm – gotta love them!

And they also have lip butters that I love. But they are £3 each – stil cheap though!

Sweet sheen lip balm

I give both the MUA products **** out of 6 stars!

Which lip product do you love and can not live without?! Please let me know! I have probably forgotten some in this rushed post but I will make up for it later 🙂 I added the (Non Asian) because I haven’t included the lip products that I love from Etude House, Atrium, Sulwhasoo, The Face Shop and so forth 😉


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