Lip Monthly August edition :)

As some of you know I stil sub to Lip Monthly. Most of the time I love it because it’s nice to get products that you normally would never get here in Norway for a small amount of money – approx. the same as I would use on a L’Oreal lipstick here.

If you feel like reading more about the sub please read my earlier post about this 🙂

This month I was a little disapointed because they had announced a special purse and it looked pretty much like all the others I have gotten from them.

Lip Monthly

The products featured this month was:

Lip Montly II

So Susan Light Difuser value US $ 18

It’s both a bronzer and a highlighter but I have soooo many of those and this just looks too small to get a bronzing brush in?! 🙂 Or maybe I am just overanalyzing. I haven’t swatched this because I am not going to keep it for myself.

Lip Monthly III

Starlooks Lip pencil in Dragonfruit. Mini size valued US $ 7

This is just so creamy and looks so nice I can’t wait to use it. I like getting a lip liner for once 🙂

Lip Monthly IIII

Mirabella Lip Pencil US $ 25

Creamy and nice on the hand and a pretty red. I just never wear red so it’s going to end up in my drawer! Again! 🙂

Lip Monthly V

City Colour Lip Butter value US $ 3.99

This I haven’t unwrapped and I problebly wont use it either… Just because I have a ton of lip butters that I know is better than this.

So all in all it’s not the best bag for me this month. BUT I actually love the lip pencil so much that I don’t regret buying it at all 🙂


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