Kiko Colour Shock

I bought these Kiko Colour Shock long lasting eye shadows in 100 Innocent Rose and 101 Punk Baby Pink. I promised to review them on this blog and now I have used them a few times so I can 🙂

I really like the container and the packaging – especially if you remove the cardboard package and focus on the jar. It is just mat glass with a silver lid. The shadows are very pretty, but you have to work seriously fast with these because when they dry they don’t move unless you take makeup cleanser on a cotton pad!

That is of course also a good thing because they last a long time. My eyes gets dry easily so I prefer to use a primer underneath these because they can seem a little drying when they are put on. Other than that I think they work pretty good.

Kiko Color Shock

100 Innocent Rose is a perfect all over the eyelid shade and the 101 Punk Baby Pink are good for the crease and to use in the mid eye area to create volume. I really like both shades but I love other cream eyeshadows more and will give them *** out of 6 stars!


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