H&M Lux perfume editions!

H&M has launched 5 new scents. They are available in body shower, scrub, body lotion, cream and Eau De Toilette. I really loved three of the 5 smells and got the following Eau De Toilette editions:

Urban Verve H&M

Description on the webpage: “A fresh, uplifting fragrance for run-around days. Energising bergamot and lime sparkle against soft white rose, balanced with white musk and rich vetiver.”

This is a very fresh and fun scent that has a “Urban” wipe and I really enjoy it.

Cashmere Haze

Description on the webpage: “A clean, powdery scent with a subtle, soothing finish. Lily of the valley and succulent jasmine blend with gentle vanilla and a hint of sandalwood for a lasting sense of calm.”

To me it smells a bit like Michael Kors Sexy Amber. I know it’s not the exact same smell but it’s a very clean scent that has a very professional wipe. I will wear this at work and other places where I would want to smell great without being overpowering.

Midnight Muse H&M

Description on the webpage: “An elegant, sensual scent with a flirtatious finish. Sweet woody notes and creamy vanilla beans set the scene for a beguiling amber and patchouli drydown.”

This is my favourite. It is mysterious and sexy without beeing a “dark overpowering” scent.

The two that I did not buy are Rose Reverie and Caribbean Crush. I am not very fold of Rose scents at the moment and the Caribbean Crush was just too sweet for me.

Overall I think H&M have done a very good job with these. They are affordable without looking cheap. I payed around 80,- NOK per Eau De Toilette. Not a bad price for wonderful scents!

Update: I have been using these scents only since I bought them. I really love the smells especially that they are so different.

I would give them ***** out of 6 stars. If they lasted longer I would give them 6 stars, but after a few hours I think you need to refresh them. That is only a little minus though when they are so inexpensive compared to most of the other scents I own ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “H&M Lux perfume editions!

    • Scents are such a personal thing so perhaps you don’t like them! Or you could love them ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m wearing the Cashmere Haze today and I have to admit I really like it a lot! Somehow it smells so much more expensive than it really is – and I have a lot of very expensive perfumes but I have a feeling I will use these a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • I agree to that. I’m very choosy when it comes to scents. I don’t like the feminine kinda ones. But when you get good reviews ,you just can’t help but try at least. ๐Ÿ˜‡

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