Tiny haul from my Berlin holiday :)

Many of you know that I was in Berlin for a holiday and I bought a lot of stuff but I will start out by posting just three of the items that I got.


Katjes gummy in Shopping Queen shapes 🙂

I couldn’t resist these! They are shaped as a crown, a purse and other goodies 😉 I really adore them and they are so cute for swaps etc.

Balea beauty

Balea washgel and tonic with powder!

I really enjoy buying Balea when I am in Germany because it is such an interesting brand with a very good quality for very little money. These are mostly for young skin but I really like the wash-gel so I got the tonic with powder as well to try out. I have no idea if this is going to fit my skin but it was only 4 Euros for both so it was very cheap – and as I said the Cleansing gel is really easy to use when you are taking a shower and a bottle last really long!


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