YSL Oil in Tint :)

This product has torn the beauty bloggers in two. Some hate it and delivers it back and others love it and has it as a holy grail product. I love it – it makes my lips shiny and beautiful and they seem fuller even though it is just an illusion created by the oil. I give YSL Oil in Tint a ***** out of six stars and the only reason I am not giving it 6 stars is the lasting power and the fact that the packaging is a little leeky sometimes. And I hate wasting an expensive product… And then the price point!

But it is a very lux and pretty packaging πŸ™‚ The main reason why I love it is that it feels like a lip balm rather than a gloss or a tint on the lips!

YSL Oil in tint

But there had to be other alternatives to this expensive product?!?

After some research I found a Korean alternative. The Saem has ECO SOUL, Tint in Oil.

To be honest I think that this product is just as amazing. It doesn’t shine as much – the amount of oil is clearly smaller BUT it lasts longer in my opinion and is only 1/3 of the price of YSL. The packaging is cute but not lux or expensive looking in any way. But because of the pricepoint and the similarities I would also give this product ***** out of 6 stars!

Tint in oil

Standing next to each other on my desk of course they don’t look similar – the YSL steals the picture BUT the Saem has a practical packaging that so far has not leaked out when I unscrew it. So that is also something to consider if you carry your lip products around all day in your purse like I do πŸ™‚


The YSL Lippie is US $ 32 in Sephora. The Saem is US $ 9.98 on EbayΒ – and after I told the seller iamlove-shop about this blog post they put it on sale for only 8.98 for two days and that is really cheap a lot of other places I have seen them for $15!

The Saem’s Wild Berry PK01 matches the YSL Nr. 8 – Pink about me almost to perfection.

The Saem’s Bad Coral PK02 matches the YSL Nr. 6 – Peach me Love almost to perfection.

I will purchase both versions again! I love the scent on the YSL Oil in Tint and the Saem smells more minty – so I really like both products. Are you on a budget then I would not hesitate to only buy the Saems Tint in Oil! πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “YSL Oil in Tint :)

  1. Wow this is so interesting! I know Innissfree also has a very popular oil tint product. I haven’t tried it though, but after reading this, it makes me want to give oil tints a try! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great post!!

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