Lancôme Visionnaire advanced multi-correcting cream

This is one of the few creams I regularly use in my every day routine that is not from Asia. I really can recommend the serum and the cream as products that make a difference for your skin weather you have scars or other problems that you feel has something to do with appearance.

Lancome viss

I really like how the blue jar looks and that it is made of solid glass – it has a luxurious feel to it even though it isn’t very practical. The serum however is in a plastic bottle and you can not see how much is left which annoys me so much I haven’t bought a new. So far the cream is doing well in keeping up the effects but the serum is stronger and more concentrated so I would recommend that if you are starting out using this line despite the bottle!

Serum vis

I have to admit that I am loving or at least liking most Lancôme products. With the exception of Juicy Tubes – no idea why it was fashionable to put sticky glue on your lips even though it had fruity taste 😉

I’ll give both the cream and the serum ***** out of 6 stars! And the missing star is the bottle for the serum!


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