Swatches of my Shiro Cosmetics pigments!

I just love how the finished pots look!

Ever in your favor

The Tributes Collection – Ever in Your Favor!

This shade is simply stunning! I really love it and have to admit I will probably want this in the full size version!

Maiden Queen

The Seven Kingdoms Collection – Maiden Queen

I love this sea green mermaid like shade and I love Game of Thrones!

Nayru's Love

The Legends Collection – Nayru’s Love

This is a very special pigment because it’s both silver and light blue – it’s so beautiful!

Majora's Mask

The Legends Collection – Majora’s Mask

The picture doesn’t really do this shade justice – it’s both lavender and blue at the same time!

Master of Whispers

The Seven Kingdoms Collection – Master of Whispers

Just a hint of rose gold – even though it is almost invisible it’s also soooo pretty! Want more!


The FullMetal Collection – Alkahestry

This sparkles like purple diamands and is my favourite so far!


The Tributes Collection – Wildflowers

This is a pretty baby pink but on the website it’s more peach or petal pink – I am a little disapointed but only because the color Wildflowers… is so pretty on the website!

There and back again

The Hobbit Collection – There and Back Again

I love this simply because of the name – but the shade is not as unique as a lot of the other colors from Shiro Cosmetics!

Din's Fire

The Legends Collection – Din’s Fire

The shade is more lilac than it is on the website, but I really like it! 🙂

I'll move that for you

The Randomly Generated Collection – I’ll move that for you

This shade reminds me of a black hole! A black hole with shimmer in it – on the webpage it’s more Bordeaux, but I really like it anyway.


The Pokemon Collection – Ditto

Medium pink pretty!



4 thoughts on “Swatches of my Shiro Cosmetics pigments!

  1. I like it too Marjolein, but I have a problem with dark colors on my eyes sometimes that is why I love the lighter colors more but it is soooooo pretty! I know you can argue that it’s not really dark but on my eyes it can quickly seem dark because they are almond shaped and tiny 🙂


    • I just subscribed to your blog as well and will take a closer look at it later tonight when I have more time 🙂 Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Have a great day! 🙂


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