Emulsion a moisture boost from above?! :)

Let’s face it – Korean beauty is fantastic BUT do we always have time for those 8 – 12 steps that can be in a Korean Skincare routine?! Well mostly I take the time but on hot summer days the routine tends to go out the window and I sometimes don’t wear cream just because it’s too heavy and not good for my skin when it’s way too hot!

An Emulsion can be a total skin boost for you always but on warm days it can also be the thing that saves you from looking a hot mess.

The Face Shop Calendula E.D.E.N Essential Moisture Emulsion. This is a seriously fantastic emulsion. It’s not so practical because it comes in a glass bottle, so I don’t walk around with it in my purse or anything but in the morning and evening I use this emulsion as a moisture boost for my skin. It’s very CHEAP and can be bought even on a fairly small budget but it’s one of the best that I have tried. Believe me when I say that I have tried a lot also much more expensive ones! 150 ml for only $ 11.29 is really cheap especially because it lasts a long time. I would say one bottle of this last about 3 – 6 months depending on how much you use it but you don’t need much. Another bonus from this Emulsion is the anti-bacterial features the Calendula gives you and the moisture your skin gets from the hyaluronic acid. Here’s a link to the product on Ebay.

The face shop Emulsion

***** out of 6 stars! This product would have been 6 out of 6 if it was in another bottle. The glass bottle is not a good thing for clumsy people like me 😉 And its not so easy to transport if you go somewhere – I transfer it to one of the 10 ml travel jars I have and it works!


2 thoughts on “Emulsion a moisture boost from above?! :)

  1. Hmm I think I would want to try out the toner one time! (personally not a fan of white moisturizers (cream or emultsion) always feels to heavy on the skin, I always go for gel cream or only gel 🙂 But I love the calendula stuff in skincare and it’s really cheap! 😀 thanks for the review, toner must be great too right 😉

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  2. It actually has a gel like consistency but it might feel heavy because it’s so moisturizing?! You should get a sample if you can 🙂 Yes I am also thinking about buying the toner but I have a lot of toners to use up before that… my stash is getting way too big 😉

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