Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm with SPF 20

“Ditch your daytime anti-aging treatment entirely. Leave your moisturizer behind. And on the days when you really want to play it low-key, skip your foundation too. This is one beauty balm with INSANE benefits.

In a Clinical study, immediately after using Naked Skin beauty balm:

65 % of participants’ complexion looked significantly improved

59 % of participants’ skin looked significantly lifted

68 % of participants’ skin hydration improved significantly

After 8 weeks of using Naked Skin beauty balm:

93 % of participants’ had significantly firmer, more lifted skin

90 % had significantly more radiant skin that looked better overall

84 % had a significant improvement in fine lines

Over 84 % had significantly smoother and more hydrated skin

The Beauty balm with an edge. Hydrate, primes and protects. It instantly even outs skin tone and minimize pores, lines, wrinkles and redness. Treats to firm skin, improves elasticity and provides measurable anti-ageing benefits.”

This and much more is what they promise on the box of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm. You can choose to wear it alone or to use it as a primer for a foundation.

After using it for days I have to admit I think it’s mostly just talk and not so much that this Beauty Balm delivers.

First of all it has a very ugly smell. I don’t know what it is but it makes my tummy turn…

Second of all it’s way too orange! Even I look like a carrot when I have just applied this and I have a yellow undertone so it shouldn’t be this bad?! The color does even out and blends more into my skintone after about 15 min. I hydrate insanely much so honestly that BB can’t make a difference there and it most certainly does not blur out any wrinkles or pores – and mine isn’t even that noticeable to begin with.


I haven’t tried it as a primer yet but I can say that on its own it doesn’t cover any scars or pimples or redness unfortunately. I wont repurchase this unless theres secret benefits that I haven’t noticed yet that will develop in 8 weeks. It has not gotten any of my friends begging me for my secret like it says on the box at least 😉

* out of 6 stars! Mostly because I can not handle the smell… I am so sorry but I am really sensitive to smells – some of you problebly will think it’s nothing but its like a hazelnut nauseating sweet smell… Please comment below and remember that my reviews are just the products seen from my point of view 🙂


4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm with SPF 20

  1. Oh wow, that sounds really bad! Glad I didn’t get it, I’m generally a sucker for UD and I always want to try out their stuff but not this time.

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    • I should use it consistently for 2 months to see if theres other benefits but I am not sure I can handle using it for so long 🙂 I also love Urban Decay especially their Eyeshadows and All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray so it’s not because I have anything against the brand at all 🙂


  2. LOL I’m such a dramatic disaster thinker: “In a Clinical study”…. “After 8 weeks of using Naked Skin beauty balm”… all test people suffer from ‘weird duck’ face expression because of the awful scent xD. Never heard of this product but awful scent and orange can never be good 😉

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  3. Yeah it’s not a very strong smell it’s just a smell that really annoys me – not sure that other people are as frustrated with it 🙂 But I just have to like the scent to enjoy putting something on my face OR it has to have no scent at all 🙂

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