Blanc Doux Pinot Noir UV-Shield and Tone-Up, Sensitive SPF 35 PA++

This sunscreen is very handy in a lot of ways. I like the packaging. The slim tube with the sea blue color doesn’t scream sunscreen and the tube is easy to squeeze. When you take some sunscreen out of the tube you think it might leave a white cast because it’s quite thick but it doesn’t. However it smells quite strongly of sunscreen but in a citrus-way so it gets bearable. I have to admit that I really like this sunscreen and would problebly repurchase it if I didn’t have so many sunscreens already! 😉

Blanc Deux

Blanc Doux Pinot Noir UV-Shield and Tone-Up with SPF 35 PA++

It came in Memebox #53 Wine and Cheese but I bought it off one of the other girls in Memebox Addicts.  It contains 40 ml which last me about 2 months because I only use it in the morning. It doesn’t last all day of course so I apply sunscreen every 4th hour during the day. I will review that sunscreen another day 😉 This is perfect for using under makeup and is a nice base for my primer! The reason I don’t give it top character is because it’s not SPF 50 PA +++ and because I love the fluent sunscreens that are more liquid than this.

**** out of 6 stars!


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