My Perfume Collection :)

You can only wear one at a time and yet I have way too many perfumes. This is a list and a short description of my collection. There is no particular order to the descriptions.


The Face Shop Soul, Secret Blossom.

I had to own this as I am adopted from South Korean and born in Seoul, so it was funny even though I know it’s the human soul that they are referring to.

The Face Shop Soul

The Face Shop, Soul

The art work on the side of the box looks like Gustav Klimt or a reproduction of his works. It is pretty and fits the smell which is flowery, sensual and mysterious. I really like this perfume even though it is not as famous as a lot of the other scents I have.


Clean Warm Cotton

The first Clean perfume I got. Very nice smell that makes you think of cotton – you feel like the scent is almost wrapping soft cotton around you. The smell is warm and comforting.

Clean warm cotton

Clean Warm Cotton

I’ve loved this for many years but I don’t wear it as often now. I keep a bottle of it in my collection always just to keep the good memories and the warm feeling.


Clean Skin

My favorite Clean perfume. Very elegant and comforting at the same time. A scent that is very many things in one and is appropriate for many occasions.

Clean skin

Clean Skin

Suits me very well regardless of which mood I am in. It’s one of the few perfumes I think I will never grow tired of.


The Body Shop Amazonian Lilly

I own this in both two large bottles and a small 10 ml spray for my purse. That should  let you know how much I like this fresh yet flowery, sweet smell. It’s not very strong but it’s very nice in the summer when you don’t want an overpowering scent or perfume.

Body Shop Ama

The Body Shop Amazonian Lilly


Benefit Ring My Bella

One of my favourite perfumes ever. This is a very complicated scent but I am a complicated girl so it fits perfectly. It can seem a bit heavy when you put it on but it changes into a very special and wonderful scent that I would not be without. Unfortunately my two bottles are almost empty so I have to see if I can get more in Germany this July.


Benefit Ring My Bella

The bottle is one of the prettiest perfume bottles I have seen! Just smell it and you will problebly either love or hate it! 🙂


Victoria Secret Love is Heavenly

This is a very sweet smell. Yet not overpoweringly sweet. I like that it is sensual and flowery at the same time but it’s not one of the perfumes I grab the most. I use it when I want to feel girly and fun. It’s romantic I suppose that is why I don’t use it often – because I really am not 🙂

Love is Heavenly

Victoria Secret Perfume Love Is Heavenly


See by Chloé

I have this in both the original and the Eau So Fresh version.

I love the Eau So Fresh version because its fun and fresh, I love the original version because its more grownup and sexy… but it can be overpowering on hot days!


See by Chloé Eau Fraiche and original


Harjuku Lovers Lil’ Angel

I have this in both the original and the citrus version! I love the original I think so much I didn’t wear anything else for a year! But I dont like the Citrus version – it is a very cute bottle though!

Harajuku lovers

Harajuku Lovers Lil’ Angel, original version

Harajuku lovers citrus version

Harajuku Lovers, Citrus Version


Ralph Lauren Pony 1, 2, 3 and 4

I have all 4 scents – but I prefer 2 and 4. I almost never use 1 and 3.

The pink number 2 is very girly and feminine and the purple number 4 is spicy and oriental. The blue and yellow are more fresh scents and are fine for a spring or summer day but I just have so many fragrances that I don’t use them.


Ralph Lauren Polo 1, 2, 3 and 4


L’Occitaine Fleur D’or Acacia

Is a very mild and elegant scent with hints of citrus and honey. It’s a very useful everyday scent both for work and relaxing.


L’Occitane Fleur D’or Acacia


Prada – Infusion D’Iris

This is a very elegant and special scent. One of those you will either love or hate. I really love it! It’s so professional and just fits a work perfume very well.

Prada Perfume

Prada Infusion D’Iris


Tony Moly Bunny Perfume Bar

I have everyone except the green tea one. I prefer the purple which is soooo nice! I could smell it all day!

Hello Bunny

Tony Moly Bunny Perfume Bar


Bvlgari Perfumes

Lila from Memebox Addicts wrote that Amethyste is her favorite so I thought I would mention my Bvlgari Perfumes now. She really likes the bottles and I do too. Amethyste is probably my favorite because it’s the most special but I also love Coral and Green Jade. I have the two first in the big version and the Green Jade in a small gem that is almost empty. I really like all three they are just for different moods.





Green Jade

Green Jade


Mariah Carey’s Vision of Love and Honey

I like these even though they are ment for teenagers 😉 I just think the bottle are cute and the smells are young and fresh but I totally HATE the commercial for them!

Mariah Careys

Vision of Love




Is it porn or a perfume add?! Sometimes you wonder… who do the media think this add is for?! Teenagers?! 😉

Sorry for my moral ramblings… I just don’t think teenagers should think about licking someones lollypop! And it is more or less what the add is hinting… or perhaps I have a dirty mind sorry|


Michael Kors, Sexy Amber

Sexy ambr.png

I also mostly use this for work but it is great on a summer day or evening as well 🙂 It is classic and yet elegant.


Marc Jacobs. Daisy Eau So Fresh

I own this in both 125 ml and 75 ml and I totally love the bottle. It is very fresh and summery and I like it both in spring and in the summertime. Daisy Eau so Fresh II.jpg

One of the scents that I wear most but you can not really smell it on yourself or at least I can’t 😉


Marc Jacobs, Honey

Sweet and fresh at the same time. I love the bottle!

Marc Jacobs Honey.jpg


This is just a fragment of my collection – I will add more when I have time for it! 🙂

A peek of some of the collection:

Perfume collection

Some of my Perfumes 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Perfume Collection :)

  1. Oh wow, that’s crazy! You’ve got so many!
    I’m the a total opposite – I don’t like to own too many scents at one time and I tend to choose smaller bottles because I get bored with them pretty quick. So I just don’t like them sitting there for a long time because I often don’t feel like coming back to scents which irritate me after some time.


  2. I spray with perfume constantly so it’s not as bad as it seems… I dont think I have any perfumes older than 2 years – I tend to give them away if I stop liking them so they wont be sad 😉


  3. Haha, that may be a good idea but I’m not sure I know anyone who’s got a similar taste in perfume that I do. Certainly not my mum!
    I’m curious about Clean perfumes – can this be bought online? I’ve never heard of that brand but they look interesting.


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