Clinique Superdefense CC cream with SPF 30

Let me start out by letting you know that I wanted to try the Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream but that was not available so I bought the Clinique Superdefense CC cream instead.

Clinique Superdefense CC

Clinique Superdefence CC Cream

The packaging is just standard Clinique with a green tube and black writting + a silver lid. Not very exciting but that doesn’t mean that the product cant be 😉

I got it in the light medium shade and it says on the packaging that it is suitable for all skin types which makes me suspicious.

The first thing I notice is that it does not have a strong or perfumy smell – it’s pretty neutral.

The second thing is that a little of this cream goes a long way. 1 drop covered all of my hand easily. If you are used to Korean CC creams you might not like this cream. It is much more like a BB cream than a CC cream. It has medium coverage and no color adjusting features like most Korean CC creams – and then it has a bit of an orange undertone so if you have a pinkish undertone you might have problems with it unless you coloradjust with a liquid concealer. I can feel it on my skin – and after applying it without a primer I look a bit more suntanned than normally which I DON’T like. My skin is not light so it is dark compared to beeing the Light Medium shade. It’s darker than a Korean 23 – which I normally use unless I get tanned in the summertime. (In A’Pieu, Missha cushions etc.)

The third thing is that I dont hate it – but I don’t love it either. I have already had the Superdefence BB cream and honestly I don’t see much difference?! It’s not going to be one of those products that I HAVE TO BUY AGAIN 🙂 However it is not a bad product so if you are in need of a CC or BB cream that is a bit like a thick foundation and you feel normal CC creams don’t have enough coverage – this could be great. Also a plus that it has sunscreen in it. I would always wear a normal sunscreen under it anyway to make sure I won’t get any problems. They can’t fit as much sunscreen in the products as stated anyway so it’s always good to make sure you are protected!

Regarding skin types I would definitely not use this if I had combo or very oily skin! It has a dewy finish but dries to a more neutral – however it feels VERY thick on the skin even for my sensitive / dry skin. It helps if you set it with a powder though… I haven’t had any skin problems from this product but if I use it in the hot summer I might have – but no allergies at least 🙂

Because of the price and the thick consistency I will only give it ** out of 6 stars!


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