The New Freedom Makeup London from the same people that makes Makeup Revolution!

There is a new “professional” makeup brand called Freedom Makeup London and I really want to like them so I ordered a package while they had free shipping.

It was very fast shipping so no complaints about that but there was four of my eyeshadows that were broken – and I stil need to hear back on what they want to do about that 🙂 But one Eyeshadow palette made it and I want to review my first impression!

Freedom palette

Freedom PRO 12 Chasing Rainbows

The first thing is always looks! And I can’t say that this is very original nor very pretty! As everyone knows right now half your image is about packaging – Etude House surely proved that for every Makeup Firm out there!
If I can be a little rude I would say it looks like a Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow palette but with Nars eyeshadow patterns in…    That is not very original!!!

But the colors are very pretty! Let us look inside…

Freedom open

12 colorful eyeshadows

There are two matte and 10 shimmer shades in this palette. I will let you know what I think of each shade.

Makeup freedom 1

Mat neon yellow, shimmer olive, green and pink

The mat shadows are not nearly as pigmented as the shimmer ones. You can clearly see that on the picture. I really like the pigmentation of the shimmer shades BUT they are a little dusty and might cause fallout – I will report back on that when I have used them on my eyes 🙂 First impression of the upper line in this palette is that I will use the three shimmer shades but not the mat yellow one.

Makeup freedom 2

teal, dark blue, dark purple and dark pink

I think all four are pretty pigmented but I will problebly only use the pink one and perhaps the purple as a liner.

Makeup Revolution 3

purple, dark blue, navy and mat neon pink

The mat pink is better than the yellow but it’s not as pigmented as the three shimmer ones. I will problebly only use the purple color here…

My first impression is that they are soft and pretty workable. These swatches are WITHOUT primer, so with primer they will probably be even more intense!

I will look forward to giving you a better review of the eyeshadow palette when I have tried them!


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