Summer and body mists…

Two things that go together if you ask me. In the summer I don’t like wearing a real perfume during the day. It just feels too heavy except for a very few perfumes that are created for summer anyway. In the summer I usually buy tons of body mists to use as perfumes.

summer II

Some of my favourites are Victoria Secrets dual body mists but they aren’t made anymore or at least they dont sell them in Europe. Bath and body works are also great but they are only in the US so what are the alternatives if you live in Scandinavia and loves body sprays.


Lindex has just made a new line with 5 different body mists. I own three of them and I am very happy with them even though they are very lightly scented and has to be in your purse because they disapear after af few hours. They are tiny though compared to beeing body mists only 125 ml – so it is not a problem to throw them in the bag.

My favourite is Revitalizing Rain – It’s fresh and smells exactly like that… A very hot day where you just don’t mind it starts raining and then theres fresh smells…

Passionate heat – a very light copy of Victor and Rolfs Bonbon. They will problebly deny that but it smells exactly like that…

Sensual Sunset – Smells like a summernight on the beach with a drink. It’s not my favorite but it’s not bad either.

ZARA also has some very interesting Body mists and I bought the one called Sweet Candy & Vanilla. They are 150 ml and more scented than the Lindex ones. I love this one but it might be too sweet when it gets really hot. It is nice with alternatives though… They had two other scents as well but I have to draw a line – I can’t own everything 🙂


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