Sooryehan Pore Ampule

I was looking through Ebay for a pore minimizer when I found this Sooryehan Pore Ampule. I really love the brand Sooryehan and even though this is their regular line I hope it will stil prove a very good investment.

Sooryehan pore

Sooryehan Pore Ampule

At the moment you can test this ampule for a cheap price because of the exp. date which is in July but I can easily use it before 20150728.

It has a very light consistency but smells a bit masculine but I use a lot of other products over this one so it won’t be a problem for me.

After having used this for weeks I can see a little improvement in the texture of my skin around my nose. I can not say if it is this serum or the other things I have been using but at least it has not made me break out or anything. I really like it and will repurchase at some point but right now I have too many Ampules 🙂

I give this serum ****out of 6 stars!


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