FACE it Color Control cream, Smart capsule spf 40, PA++

One of my favourite CC creams are from The Face Shop. It’s not a cheap cc cream but the packaging is fantastic. No matter if you buy the compact or the bottle it’s so easy to use and it’s quite easy to avoid contamination of the product you are not using.

As you can see from this picture the cream comes out when you pump but it’s not like a regular pump – it closes very quickly and prevents any excess from getting in again. Just take a paper towel or cotton to remove any product and wipe it off when you are finished.

Mette pic of face cc

The pump on the CC cream!

Face it, The face shop

The Face Shop, CC cream

This CC cream adapts to your skintone with tiny capsules in yellow, red and black that makes it easy to wear all year round. It is wrinkle care, whitening and has sunscreen at the same time.

After using it for a long time I have to say that it gives a very glowing finish and are quick to color adjust. I have no problem with blending it and the bottle that I have provides the perfect amount by a light pressure point. If you have dry skin though I would recommend using a moisturizer and a primer underneath as it is a bit drying but other than that I have no cons for this CC cream. It’s much better than a lot of the other brands that are out there but it’s not cheap.

***** out of 6 stars! You might wonder if I like it so much why I don’t give it 6 stars but I save that for glorious products I would never change a thing about and they are very rare!


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