Lindex beauty…

14th of April the shop Lindex launched their own makeup brand. I must admit that I am impressed – it is really good quality for the money compared to other brands that exists in Norway. The prices are also very good. They launched everything from foundation and powders to eye shadow and lip products. The eye shadows are pigmented and not powdery at all. I bought the Liplacquer in Sparkling Plum and it’s quite sticky but very beautiful on the lips. The stickiness also helps the product last on the lips for a longer period even though I prefer my lip products non-sticky I would stil repurchase this. It’s only 49,50 kr.



I adore body mists. I miss Bath & Body works really great selection and also Victoria Secrets when living in Norway but now Lindex has made 5 different body mists to try out. I bought three of them and they are very light scented but the purple “Passionate heat” and the blue “Revitalizing Rain” must be my favorites. They are also just 49,50 which is a steal in my opinion! Hurry if you are interested in these because the purple was almost sold out when I was visiting this friday! Lindex had a launch with 20 % off and that makes them even cheaper 🙂

Lindex purple

Passionate Heat

Lindex blue

Revitalizing Rain

Apart from those the new Revive and Refresh hand cream are a very nice size to store in your handbag and it has a very fresh and clean smell that will be really great all spring and summer.

Take a look and see for yourself in the Lindex Stores.


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