Subscription Lip Monthly for US $ 15 or US $ 10 in the US.

This month I tried something new. I have heard so much horrible about the Lip Monthly subscription that I wanted to try it myself. I received the March package today on the 15th of April so it is a bit slow to ship Internationally but that is problebly the postoffice/toll department and not so much Lip Monthly.

This month I received a makeupbag in Blue with the Lip Monthly logo and four products:

Hikari Lipstick in Crush which is a red lipstick worth US $ 13

Jordana Lipglaze in 04 Raspberry worth $ 1.99

JCat Lip Crayon in the color Caramel Mocha worth $ 3.99

And finally a Sally Hansen Nail Polish worth about $ 2.19

I will be giving the lipstick away because I don’t wear red and the same with the nail polish but I will use the lip pencil and the glossy lip color. I actually don’t think the bag is bad considering it’s only $ 15 because I get to try some products that I can not buy here in Norway. However if I had all the US Drugstores to shop in I would probably not like it nearly as much.

Lip montly march

Lip Monthly March


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