Memebox # 80, The Hollow one ;)

Ok I know its not The Hollow one – it’s the Homme box 😛 But it felt a little hollow and stupid in my opinion!

Homme box

We received this yesterday! Of course for once it was not a box for me – it was for my bf and it was a gift MEMEBOX!

A gift of mouth wash that says: “Your breath stinks!”

And a tube of hair wax saying: “Please fix your hair!”

Sheet Masks that was a hint of stop stealing mine – heres some for you!

And then samples you could have gotten for free – even the Missha kit whom they problebly didn’t even pay for?!

I know it’s a great seria – I’ve heard it from so many!

But where is the moisturizer?! At least give one of those in full size!

And where is the freaking after shave or perfume or tube mask?!

Seriously this is a bummer box Meme!

Like so many have been lately!

Thumbs Up Leftover Picks?!

My Shitty Boutique?!

Boxes with leftover CutiePoop M that I wont even speak about!

And what’s up with changing the illustration for the box at the webpage?! It does not do you any favours… We all know you can give them away! But not to people you actually love right?!?


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