Erborian skin care :)

A lot of people ask me what my favourite skin care brand is and I think it is really hard to choose just one Brand – if forced to I will choose Erborian skin care which is originally Korean and now has been bought by L’occitane. I really think that they supply a great variety for my skin type which is sensitive and dry in the wintertime.

I use:

HERBAL ENERGY CLEANSER with Korean Medicinal Herbs. The cleanser contains herbs that has been used in Asia for a very long time. It is sort of like a michellar water and is a triple-cleansing emulsion who wipes away all oil, silicone and water-based dirt or makeup. It leaves your skin clean and moistured.

HERBAL ENERGY LOTION 30% is a moisturizer vitality lotion that increases the daily cream’s efficiency in moisture retention by 30%. I really love this lotion and it makes my skin feel more silky.

GINSENG INFUSION a ceam that fights skin fatigue and contains a highly concentrated ginseng infusion with other Korean herbs as well. It helps microcirculation and nourishes the elasticity and vitality. I really love how you feel radiant and your skin looks so healthy with this cream.

SLEEPING BB MASK for perfect skin. Is an overnight mask that works during your sleep and transforms it into babyskin. It has a velvety texture and makes your skin looks less tired. It even helps your skin with fighting stress signs and is like a mini spa done in one night.

CC Creme HD is both a primer and a CC cream. I personally use it mostly as a primer, but if you have flawless skin you might as well use it as your only CC cream. It contains CC pigments, the new generation Color Controling pigments who self adjust to your natural luminous beauty and gives you new vitality, freshness and radiance.

They also have new products that I would love to try out like the Perfect Morning BB mask and the Ginseng eye cream 🙂

If you want to read more about Erborian please go to L’occitane webpage 🙂


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