LuLuLun Precious Red Sheet masks

I have started to really love these LuLuLun Sheet masks. I especially love the packages that comes with 7 in them. It is a great amount for us that use sheet masks often or perhaps even daily. The larger packs with 20 or 30 in them I find dries out too much and also I am worried with con termination and germs if I have them open too long!

This new kind is so beautiful! The packaging is lovely and there is just enough essence to moisture your skin. I know some people find them a bit too dry but I like having them on for only 10 min and then feeling great afterwards. I actually don’t like to supersoak my face in serum even though I know that is why so many love My Beauty Diary and My Sceaming Diary 😉


This japanese serum seems to be a bit more intense for my skin and make it very soft which I love 🙂
The mask itself is soft and thin!
I love the zipper bag that you can reseal.


You have to use up the pack in about 2 – 3 weeks. If you take over a month to use the masks up I always start to worry about them getting too old!

If you travel with these you have to use the same mask all the time and it might be more fun to have singles!

But all in all I would give these mask sheets *** out of 6 stars! But please understand that I am very picky and have tried way too many sheet masks… 😉


My top 10 Cushions !!!


  1. STYLE 71 SPF 50+ / PA+++

    ****** out of 6 stars!

    As you all know I love cute packaging and you have to say that STYLE 71 is pretty much the perfect Cushion to have in your purse. I don’t even care one bit if other people think it is too much or too childish I love the sparkling stones and the cute designs. The cushion itself is really, really good as well. It is build-able and protects you against sun damage even though I always wear a sunscreen under as well.

    Only con is that it is hard to find and that sellers overcharge a lot sometimes especially in the US.

    A'pieu pink.jpg

  2. A’pieu (Pink version for dry/sensitive skin) SPF 50+ /PA+++

     ****** out of 6 stars

    I totally love this both in texture and how it looks on the skin. For me this is better than the blue version but I do use the blue in the summer when it is very humid in stead of this one. No matter what they are really good options especially price wise as I think this is the cheapest on the list actually!


  3. Sooryehan SPF 50+ /PA+++

    ****** out of 6 stars!

    The reason this cushion is not higher on the list is the price-tag. Other than that it is very good and we are not talking an insane amount of money so it is good for the price also 🙂 Compared to the A’Pieu and the Missha it is hard to get at least in Europe!

    Betty bb.jpg

  4. Missha Magic Cushion Moisture (Betty Boop) SPF 50+ /PA+++

    ****** out of 6 stars!

    This cushion is so cute and it comes in both a version for dry / sensitive skin which is the gold version and for combination / normal skin who has the silver lining. I really like both versions. This is the limited edition cushion but the regular one has exactly the same inside so don’t worry if you can’t find this version even though it looks cuter in your bag.

    Amore Pacific anti-aging cushion.jpg

  5. Amore Pacific Anti-ageing cushion SPF 50+ / PA+++

    ****** out of 6 stars!

    This compact feels more lux than the others not sure exactly why but maybe it is because it is goldcolored and elegant + it is more study. You can see and feel that it is expensive and that is also the reason why it is not higher on the list compared to the others. It has a good coverage and is buildable as the others.

    Save the animal.jpg


  6. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF 50+ /PA+++, Light Pearl Aura

    **** out of 6 stars.

    These compacts are for saving animals and are Limited Edition. They can be filled with any Etude House Cushion and I have chosen to put Etude Houses Precious Mineral Any Cushion in. I really like this packaging but I so prefer the A’Pieu and the Missha over this when it comes to the foundation.

    Lancome Miracle cushion.jpg

  7. Lancôme Miracle Cushion SPF 23 / PA++

    **** out of 6 stars.

    This cushion claims to have medium coverage but you need to really pile it on to get that but if you have pretty flawless skin and just want something to even it out then this works out great. It is made in Korea and I honestly think that they should have chosen another sponge to fit in the cushion with the makeup in – it is way too soft and it feels like it contains less product. I also prefer a higher SPF.

    There are advantages though. Lancôme’s cusion comes in a larger color variety and you can get very pale and very dark colors. This means that we all should be able to find a match.


  8. Real Mucin Restore Cushion Dr. MJ SPF 50 /PA+++

    *** out of 6 stars.

    The good thing about this cushion is that it has a lot of coverage compared to the others. The bad thing is that it is hard to find.

    I do however not need a lot of coverage so that is why it is lower on the list for me. If you need more coverage and loves a dewy finish then this should work out fine 🙂

    L'oreal cushionA.jpg

  9. L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion SPF 29

    *** out of 6 stars.

    I actually think this cushion is pretty good at least for the price when it is on sale. If you have to buy it for full price in Norway I would say you should go for a Korean cushion instead. I like the texture and that this comes in more colors like Lancôme’s cushion BUT then they only get 3 – 4 colors in the stores? That doesn’t make sense at all. I had to buy both 4 to 8 and then mix them to get the right color. That is just too much trouble Vita and Lindex. A girl doesn’t want to run around with two cushions in her bag 😉 This is made in Korea like the Lancôme one. I also prefer a higher SPF.

    Kiko cushion.jpg

  10. Kiko Milano CC Cream SPF 25

    ** out of 6 stars. 

    This cushion is ok for the price but I just like all the others so much better. It is just the packaging that seems so plastic like and seems cheap. I would only recommend it if you need more coverage than the Korean ones normally have. This is also the only cushion that is not made in Korea.

    This is my personal opinion of course and I would love to debate it so if you agree or disagree let me know in the comments below! ❤



Tanya Burr lipgloss :)

Sorry for the delay but I would love to review the Tanya Burr lipglosses I got from my lovely swap friend Bècky 🙂

Tanya Burr

For those of you that don’t know Tanya is a lovely blogger that is very popular on You-tube as well.

I got two different colors from her:

Picnic in the Park and Champagne Toast.

I have to admit I really like the packaging. I think it looks elegant especially thinking about what they cost. They look elegant to have in your makeup bag or purse.

The gloss itself is a bit sticky but that makes it last on the lips longer. It is however not one of those that can stay on the lips for hours. But I really like it for the price!


*** out of 6 Stars



Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack


The new Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack just looks amazing!!!

Seriously for looks alone I would give it ****** out of 6 stars!

Unfortunately looks aren’t everything – if you have to live with someone every day and enjoy their company they also have to preform well 😉

I have the Strawberry version which is for dry skin – and it is really moisturizing but it doesn’t last very long on the skin for being a sleeping mask. I think mine was gone after 15 min or so. It does give moisture but right now I would wish I had chosen the Black Tea for elasticity.

Also the cute packaging is not very smart structure wise or very hygienic so for now it will just sit on my shelf and look pretty which is not what a longtime relationship should be like 😉

A little from Etude House on how to use the mask – which is what I did:

How to use.jpg

You take a spoonful of sleeping mask – and get one of the “pearls” which you squeeze with the spoon and then put on your lovely face…

This makes the mask more moisturizing because the pearls contains nurturing ingredients  however it also makes the mask impossible to keep from getting tons of germs in it because they are at the bottom and you get so much goo on the spoon while getting one of the pearls up from the mask… or maybe that is just me?! 🙂

Performance wise I would give this sleeping mask ** out of 6 but I might still grab the Black Tea – that is how much I love cute packaging 😛 I really miss good Bubble Tea!!!


The Geeky side of me :)

What a lot of you don’t know about me is that I totally love computer games, TV-shows, movies and cooking everything that doesn’t involve baking 😉

My aunt and my mother both made bread and cakes regularly. In my childhood I have always come home to rolls, buns, cakes or cookies but never really appreciated that or Danish pastry. I seriously hate getting my hands dirty with dough. It is just yucky…

Give me something savory then I am in Heaven… A bread with bacon and thyme… or black olives… Just with some Aioli or good olive oil… 😉

But that is not what I really wanted to talk about. The Geeky skincare and makeup freak is of course the biggest part of my life. Always searching for new things and fun products is part of my life but new computer games, TV-shows and movies also play a huge part.

At the moment I just finished watching the two first seasons of Reign at Netflix. I really loved the first season but the second was a bit blah…


I also follow Vikings at HBO but that is the same… Loved the first season and now it is just not that good. The story has gotten really silly in my opinion. Only one to watch now is Bjorn 😉


As a former History teacher of course I am aware that none of those two are very true to “history” but as long as they are exciting and entertain me I don’t care so much…

Any idea what to watch while waiting for GOT?! 🙂 Please comment below if you have any good ideas!

Hope you all have a fab weekend 🙂


Juicy Shakers from Lancôme

I have to admit I thought I wouldn’t like them because they seemed like a rip-off from YSL Oil-in-tint but I really like the three versions I have of this new trend.



Lemon Explosion – so pretty and fresh!

Wonder Melon.jpg

Wonder Melon – so fab on summer lips!


Mint to be II.jpg


Mint to be – goes sheer and with a hint of shimmer on the lips + gives fresh breath!




Very easy to apply – just shake them up and apply to the lips! Would love them all but settled for those three so far 🙂 ***** out of 6 stars!



Seatree Art Eye shadow palette in Brown.

A few weeks ago I got the Seatree Art eye shadow palette. I have to admit I bought it only because it looks so cute!!!

Blog I.jpg

My expectations were zero because I have had so mixed experiences with Korean eye shadows and I have mixed emotions about this palette too.

Blog III.jpg

I love the way it looks! And the eye shadows are very soft and buttery. When you swatch it you think that it will be powdery and full of fallout but when you put it on your skin it turns to silk. I would love this eye shadow if the colors were not practically invisible on my skin except for the few dark colors!


Blog II.jpg

They blend very well and are fine as an every day shadow but as you can see from the swatch picture they pretty much match my skin so they could be used as a highlighter instead…

*** out of 6 stars